Busiate Homemade Clean Pasta from local Artisans


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  • CLEAN FOOD | no artificial additives or preservatives | no pesticides
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS | Semolina flour from Durum Wheat | PH balanced spring water | does not contain eggs
  • WHOLE GRAIN PASTA – stone ground grain that contains the original bran, endosperm & wheatgerm of the grain | easier to digest | less bloating | contains nutrients unlike refined or enriched pastas
  • NO MORE AFTER-MEAL LETHARGY – natural protein reduces sugar rush
  • CRAFTED BY ARTISANS | superior taste & texture
  • TRADITIONAL CORKSCREW SHAPE FROM SICILY – shaped to hang on to the last drop of sauce

Product Description

• CLEAN FOOD, UNBLEACHED | NON-ENRICHED | ADDITIVE FREE – Papa Vince’s pastas are shaped using bronze wires and dried slowly in special sealed clean environments. This allows us to keep our pastas free of fungi and toxins while retaining the integrity, flavor and nutritional values of the same intact.
• STONEGROUND ANCIENT STYLE – made with whole grain ground in a single pass through and between two horizontal, round millstones. This ancient technique retains the natural BRAN and WHEATGERM of the wheat in the semolina both of which are so important to aid digestion, boost the immune system, and help in efforts to lose weight.

• FRESH and 100% NATURAL – will bring back memories of Italian family meals, Italian vacations or will help you to create some new culinary memories.


• AL DENTE PERFECTION in less than 10 minutes.  It’s how the Italians enjoy pasta, tender & crunchy at the same time (make sure you follow the directions on the package).

SERVE with Bolognese sauce, Papa Vince cherry tomato sauce or your favorite veggies sautéed in Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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