Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin 16.9 fl oz


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  • VOLUME: 16.91 fl oz
  • CLEAN EVOO – No Pesticides, No Herbicides, No Insecticides, No GLYCOPHOSPHATE
  • CLEAN FOOD – No Artificial Additives, No Preservatives, No Coloring
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS – 100% raw EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL | Non-Blended | Unfiltered | Unrefined
  • HEALTHY FAT – Excellent source of fat | Ketogenic Diet | Vegan Diet | Mediterranean Diet | Paleo Diet | Whole 30 Diet
  • 100% FAMILY MADE – with hand picked olives from our own orchards in Santa Ninfa, Sicily, Italy. 100% Product of Italy.
  • FIRST COLD PRESSED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – clean tasting olive juice with hints of tomato, artichoke & pepper.
  • HARVEST DATE: 2020-2021 – we harvest from November to January and name all our extra virgin olive oil after the new year.  Each harvest tastes different.
  • 4-YEAR SHELF LIFE before opening, due to the high anti-oxidant content
  • HIGH POLYPHENOL CONTENT – Greater than 420 mg/kg at the time of bottling ( Feb,2021)
  • THE LOWEST ACIDITY IN THE MARKET (FFA < .26) – the lower the acidity, the better the quality of oil with the highest content of anti-oxidants and essential oils.
  • GET READY FOR THE PEPPERY KICK – you will feel it at the back of your throat. This is how you know that Papa Vince is 100% OLIVE JUICE, full of antioxidants & alive with flavor.
  • SMOKE POINT > 375º F – The higher the quality, the greater the smoke point.
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