‘Puccini’ Sicilian Mandarin Aperitivo Siciliano


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A classic aperitif, its inebriating Sicilian mandarin fragrance is best enjoyed quite cool, even slightly chilled. Ideally, do not store the bottle too long, in order to enjoy its peachy freshness to the full. Puccini is an aperitif composed of two parts sparkling wine and one part mandarin juice from the consortium Tardivo di Ciaculli, which owes its name to the village of Palermo where it was discovered and the period of ripening, later than the most common varieties.
The strong aroma, the sugar content, the thin skin, and the presence of the seed make Sicilian Tardivo di Ciaculli, a Slow Food Presidium, a unique and unmistakable mandarin.
It is a fresh, light and very fragrant aperitif to be enjoyed very cold and possibly with ice.

Serving Temperature: 6-8° C (c. 43-46° F)
Alcohol Cont.: 5% by vol.

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