Sicilian Card Games: An easy-to-follow guide




‘SICILIAN CARD GAMES an easy-to-follow guide’ gives very clear instructions for twelve Sicilian card games, with photographic illustrations. It is the ONLY book of Sicilian card games in print worldwide. Sicily has its own unique deck of playing cards, and a wealth of games exclusive to the island. PACKS OF SICILIAN PLAYING CARDS CAN BE ORDERED ON AMAZON.COM Card games are central to festivities at Christmas, Easter and other family gatherings. Some games are hilarious, and simple enough to be enjoyed by young children yet a great way to make them practise mental arithmetic. Other games are quite challenging. Most village squares have a full-time squadron of old men who play outdoors, smacking their winning cards down like a butcher with a meat cleaver. The games in the book are: Buona sera Signorina, Cavalli, Cu cu!, Camicia, Asino, Sette e Mezzo, Trentuno, Centocinque, Brìscula, Tresette, Terziglio, Scopa. ‘SICILIAN CARD GAMES an easy-to-follow guide’ includes an interesting explanation of the origins of Sicilian playing cards. This book makes an entertaining and economical gift for all ages.

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