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Sarde a Beccafico

Sarde a Beccafico




“Sarde a beccafico” is one of the best known and loved traditional Sicilian recipes. The “beccafico” that gives the recipe its name is a small sparrow-like bird that feeds on sweet ripe figs. In days gone by only the nobility used to shoot these birds, which were cooked with a delicious stuffing and then served with their beak and tail feathers sticking upwards. In order to imitate the Sicilian nobles, plebeian replaced the small birds with ‘sardines’, a much more affordable product, which they filled with bread crumbs and few more “poor” ingredients.

They can be served as a main course with a side of boiled potatoes,  but also as a sharer during the antipasti.

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Step 1
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Preheat oven to 350°F

Step 2
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Scale and clean sardines removing intestines and backbones

Step 3
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In a skillet, toast the breadcrumbs with 2 spoons of olive oil

Step 4
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When it becomes gold add pine nuts, currants, parsley, anchovy, olives and lemon zest

Step 5
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Add 1 or 2 spoons of olive oil if it’s dry and mix the ingredients

Step 6
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Put the mixture with a spoon in the middle of each sardine and roll up from the head to the tail

Step 7
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Place the sardines in the baking dish closer, place a bay leaf between each sardine and pour the lemon juice

Step 8
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Cook for 15 minutes and serve at room temperature!
Enjoy it!

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Sfincione Bianco di Bagheria
Sicilian Cannoli
  • 1h
  • Serves 4
  • Medium

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Adjust Servings:
2 pounds Fresh sardines
6 spoons Olive oil
1/3 cup Currants
2 spoons Parsley Minced
6 Black olives (pitted and slivered)
2 dozen Bay leaves
1 cup Breadcrumbs
1/3 cup Pine nuts
8 Anchovy fillets (finely chopped)
1 Lemon Juice and zest

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Sfincione Bianco di Bagheria
Sicilian Cannoli

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