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Sicilian Pasta with Sardines (Pasta con le Sarde)

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Adjust Servings:
1 pound Bucatini pasta
4 Anchovies
1 ounce Pine nuts
2 ounces Breadcrumbs
1.10 Pound Sardines
1 Red Onion
1 ounces Raisins
1/2 Pound Fennel's herb
Salt and Pepper

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Sicilian Pasta with Sardines (Pasta con le Sarde)

  • 45min
  • Serves 4
  • Medium




Discover the authentic taste of Sicily with our traditional Sicilian Pasta with Sardines recipe. This classic dish, a staple of Sicilian cuisine, perfectly blends the rich flavors of fresh sardines, aromatic fennel, and savory anchovies. Our step-by-step guide takes you through the process of creating this delicious meal, complete with bucatini pasta, pine nuts, breadcrumbs, and a hint of saffron for that extra touch of Sicilian authenticity.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or trying Sicilian cuisine for the first time, our Pasta with Sardines recipe is sure to impress. Experience the true essence of Sicilian culinary tradition with this flavorful, easy-to-follow dish.

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Prepare a pot with water and put it on the burner until water boils. Clean the fennel’s herbs and, once the water boils, put them into the pot adding a teaspoon of salt. After a couple of minutes, take the fennel’s herbs from the pot, squeeze and cut them making little cubes. Leave the water into the pot, you will need it later!


Clean up sardines under running water, cut them and remove their heads and fishbones. Cut the onion and put it in a pan with the anchovies and oil, cook it slow and low for about 10 minutes, until the anchovies melt down. Now add a little bit of zafferano with water, sardines, pine nuts, raisins, minced almonds and fennel’s herbs, then let cook the condiment for 10 minutes again.


Put the pot with water you used for the fennel’s herbs on the burner until water boils again, then put the pasta into the pot for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a pan with a little bit of oil and the breadcrumbs and let them get toasted.


Strain pasta and mix it with your condiment, put it on the plates and add the toasted breadcrumbs on it. Your pasta with sardines is ready, enjoy!

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